"The world is a better place for having known her."

—Paul McCartney about Linda. (via paulmccharmy)


Paul McCartney at ‘Paperback Writer Session’ photo by Robert Whitaker

Magical Mystery Tour, 1967


McCartney girls


15 Grammy Awards
60 Gold Records
36 Gold Singles
19 Platinum Albums
188 charted records
91 top 10 songs
33 #1 songs
100 Million Singles sold


George Harrison and Ringo Starr attend Liverpool’s 47th annual Ugly Tie Convention. 

Title: Here, There and Everywhere
Artist: The Beatles
Played: 7333 times

"Out of the blue, I met this girl and we started talking and she happened to say, ‘I knew Linda.’ So that was emotional. I wouldn’t meet, typically, many people who knew Linda, and who knew her during her cancer treatment – and Nancy did. She’s a cancer survivor herself. So it got very deep, very quickly, and it was like, ‘What the hell was that?’ And then I ran into her a couple of more times on the holiday, and we got to know each other and started dating. So the song is about that, about this depth of emotion, of feeling – but totally being scared to say or do anything about it. Like a tongue-tied teenager."

— Paul McCartney on his wife, Nancy (via bodaciousbeatleblog)

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